July 8, 2024

Hurricane Beryl Press Release 7/8/24 9 p.m.

****For Immediate Release*****

Hurricane Beryl Power Outage July 8, 2024 at 9:00 P.M.

MidSouth Electric Cooperative – Navasota, TX

As of this time, MidSouth crews and additional contractor crews have verified the following:

All substations are intact. Two of the nineteen substations feeding our lines are not currently energized. We are working closely with transmission providers and waiting to receive their restoration timeline.

Forty-nine out of sixty feeders are severely damaged and will require repair.

Numerous broken poles and cross-arms, and multiple locations of lines tangled in very large, downed trees outside of MidSouth right-of-ways. Damage was caused by both high winds and lightning strikes.

MidSouth is prepared for these repairs with replacement components in stock and relief crews on standby. We will start by restoring major trunk lines out of substations, proceeding then to tap restoration branching from the trunk lines.

No projected restoration times are available at this point. Members without power are encouraged to make alternative arrangements if requiring electricity for medical necessity. This will be a multi-day project before complete grid restoration is achieved.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. MidSouth is working very hard to make sure your electricity and fiber internet is restored as quickly as possible, ensuring both employees and members remain safe.


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