February 17, 2021

Arctic Blast Update 2/17/21

A second round of arctic weather is moving into our service territory, which could cause problems for our linemen and members. The US National Weather Service is forecasting significant icing for our area, which could last until temperatures rise later this week.

What does this mean?

When ice accumulates on power lines and nearby vegetation, your power has a risk of going out. This type of weather makes it difficult and dangerous for linemen to restore power, especially with ice on the roads. Your MidSouth crews are on standby to restore power as quickly as safely as possible.

What about the rolling outages?

MISO and ECROT are still closely monitoring the strain the electric demand is putting on the electric system. With heavy icing still being a factor, members should expect the rolling outages to continue until further notice. Until MISO and ERCOT give us the signal to cease load reduction procedures, we all need to do our part to conserve energy and limit the strain on the electric system. If you want more information on how the rolling outages work, visit https://midsouthelectric.com/what-you-need-to-know-about-rotating-outages-faqs/.

Am I experiencing a real outage or a rolling outage?

With multiple factors at play, it can be hard for members to know if they are experiencing a real outage or just a rolling outage. Your MidSouth team is closely monitoring the situation and is asking you to report your outage if it lasts longer than 45 minutes. Outages can be reported by texting OUTAGE to 352-667 or by calling our automated phone system at 936-825-5100. Outages can be viewed online on our outage map at http://outage.midsouthelectric.com:81/.

We’ll get through this together as a community. Let’s do our best to stay warm and informed.

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