Existing Location & Transfer Service

When you need to transfer service at an existing location that MidSouth Electric Co-op currently serves, please complete the online application and a Member Service Representative will contact you to confirm your information.


New Location & New Construction

When you need to have service built at a location that does not have power, please complete the online application.  A member service representative will then contact you to confirm your information.

After our New Construction Representative contacts you, you will meet with a field technician to design the plans for your new electric service.



We look forward to serving you with your electric service needs. MidSouth Electric Co-op is committed to serving high quality service to every home and business in our community. If you need service at a location where no electric service has previously existed, we are here for you. Please contact us or come in and speak with anyone of our New Construction Representatives to find out what it would take to get you connected.

Membership Fee



Connect/Transfer Fee


New service of an existing location

Connect Fee


For new construction of service

Survey Fee


The staking fee for new construction