MidSouth Rewards

Starting January, 2020, MidSouth Electric Co-op is offering home improvement rewards to residential members.

MidSouth Rewards include the following:

  • Electric Vehicle Charger for residential use – $500 (must submit receipts)
  • Marathon Water Heater – $600 rebate on a new Marathon Water Heater when members purchase from MidSouth Electric Co-op and replace older water heater of 30 gallons or larger.
  • Energy Star Appliances – $100 per appliance with a maximum of $150.00 (limited to refrigerator, freezer, clothes washer, dishwasher, and HVAC window unit).
  • Programmable Thermostat – $25 per unit with a maximum of two (2) units per member.
  • HVAC Tune Up – $100 per year for members to have their AC tuned up by a licensed professional.

* Download the rewards form to learn more about the program.*

Thermostat Savings:

We are partnering with Nest, Honeywell Home and Ecobee thermostats to conserve energy, and save you money.

When you take advantage of this program you immediately receive:

  • $200 Enrollment Incentive (bill credit)
  • $40 Bill Credit for the Months June-September ($10 per month)
  • $25 Programmable Thermostat Rebate

How it works:

Reward requirements are as follows:

  • Members can apply for one reward per category per year.
  • The rewards apply to residential structures starting January, 2020 to December 31, 2020 – (or while funds last).
  • Applications must be completed and submitted within 90 days of installation or improvements.
  • The member must turn in the completed form and all necessary documents to MidSouth Electric Co-op by email, fax, or in person at any of our 3 offices.
  • MidSouth Electric Co-op reserves the right to make any changes to the rewards program without notice.

Once the application is received and verified, the member will receive the reward in the form of a check within 3-4 weeks.