Establish a Service

Welcome to MidSouth Electric Co-op! We look forward to serving your water service needs. MidSouth Electric Co-op is committed to serving high quality service to every home and business in our community. The following are the fees that are required to obtain water and waste water utilities from MidSouth Water Services.

If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please contact us at 936-825-5100 or memberservices@mselectric.com. We are happy to help!

Water Fees

Residential Home Owner

$25.00 – Connect/Transfer Fee (For new service at an existing location)
$50.00 – Deposit (If deposit is waived for electric, the deposit is waived for water)
$1,200.00 – Standard Water Tap Fee (3/4″)
$1,400.00 – Standard Water Tap Fee (1″)

Commercial Home Builder

$25.00 – Connect/Transfer Fee
$1,200.00 – Standard Water Tap Fee (3/4″)
$1,400.00 – Standard Water Tap Fee (1″)

Possible fees for inspection and back flow prevention if required.
Deposit – 1/6 of estimated annual billing

For your convenience fees can be paid in person at any of our three local district offices or over the phone by credit card of check. Upon receipt of the above, we will schedule a connect date for water utilities.