Capital Credits

Since 1999, MidSouth Electric Co-op has refunded over 8 million dollars to co-op members in the form of capital credits.

As a cooperative, MidSouth Electric Co-op is a not for profi­t business built by the community we serve. Like any well run business, each year MidSouth Electric Co-op reinvests a portion of its margins to pay for facilities, equipment, upgrades and other necessary improvements. After a period of investment, the money is returned to the members for their share of the margins over cost. Each year, the Board of Directors determines the portion of the capital credits that may be refunded to the cooperative membership, while ensuring the co-op’s fi­nancial health. As a consumer-member, a portion of the margins are credited back to you over time.

Common Questions:

Q: What are Capital Credits?

A: Cash back over time.


Q: How are they refunded?

A: As a bill credit.


Q: Why do we receive Capital Credits?

A: Excess revenues get shared back with you over time because you are a member not just a customer