Since 1940, MidSouth Electric Co-op has electrified and given back to the communities it serves. Our core principle—Commitment to Community—embraces the spirit of camaraderie among neighbors and friends.

As a MidSouth EC member, you can invest back into your hometown to help promote the quality of life and economic health of your friends and neighbors.

What is Operation Round Up?

Operation Round Up allows members to round their monthly electric bill to the next highest dollar amount. The rounded funds collected through the program allows the MidSouth Electric Co-op Charitable Foundation to provide scholarships for graduating seniors and make donations to local organizations to assist community members with utility and other crisis assistance throughout the year.

At most, a MidSouth member contributes 99 cents per month, less than a total of $12 per year. The average contribution is 50 cents per month, or a total of $6 for a year. Participation is voluntary and members may request to be removed or added to the program at any time. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Who does Operation Round Up benefit?

Contributions from the MidSouth Electric Co-op Charitable Foundation made through Operation Round Up directly benefit other MidSouth members, their families and the communities in which they reside.

  • Scholarships- Each year, MidSouth awards graduating high school seniors with scholarships for college, university or trade school. The applicant’s parents or guardians must be cooperative members.
  • Utility Bill Assistance- MidSouth partners with local, community-based agencies to help members through financial difficulties by providing temporary utility bill assistance during an unexpected crisis.