Energy Audits

Schedule an Energy Audit

At MidSouth Electric Co-op, our energy audit team, on-line energy management tools, and accompanying resources are available so members can get a better understanding of their energy use and how much value can be expected by making energy saving improvements in homes or businesses. These programs are designed to help you control electricity use, and help members save money.

An energy audit is the first step in determining how much energy a home uses and opportunities where energy can be saved. Audits can discover any areas where valuable energy is being wasted and provide solutions to achieve greater energy savings.

A MidSouth Electric Co-op energy management professional will come to your home or business and walk through it with you, pointing out any inefficiencies and helping you understand how to fix any problems you may come across. This is a visual inspection and will include a free MidSouth Electric Co-op Energy Savings Kit with supplies to start you on your way to savings.