MidSouth Vehicle Charging

What is a MidSouth Vehicle Charging Station?

MidSouth Vehicle Charging was created to provide a service to our members and community that didn’t exist. Charging an electric vehicle outside of metro areas is a challenge. We have taken steps to improve the access to reliable and convenient charging stations around our service territory. Studies and statistics show that electric vehicles are here to stay. The development of our charging stations is just another example of our dedication to innovation.

EV Charging Facts

How do I use the charging station?

EV drivers can operate the charging station in person by using the selection buttons and video prompts.

The station can also be reserved for a specific time period on the ChargePoint app.

Is there a cost to charge my EV?

For a promotional period, vehicle charging stations are free to EV drivers.

How far will a charge extend my driving range?

Current stage 2 vehicle charging stations extend an EV’s range by 20 miles per hour of charge.

Plans are being developed to install fast-charge vehicle charging stations which can charge a compatible EV in 30 minutes.

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MidSouth Electric Co-op

9409 N Hwy 6 Loop, Navasota TX 77868

Driving down Highway 6? Charge your EV at our Navasota office.

Woodforest Golf Club

1199 Fish Creek Thoroughfare, Montgomery TX 77316

Play a round of golf or enjoy a great meal at the Woodforest Grille while charging your EV.

Mallett Brothers Barbeque

9339 Highway 6, Navasota TX 77868

Enjoy a great meal in historic Navasota while charging your EV.

The Shoreline at Waterpoint

15320 HWY 105 W, Montgomery TX 77356

This station is used exclusively by residents of The Shoreline Condo’s.

Pine Market

791 Fish Creek Thoroughfare, Montgomery TX 77316

Charge your EV while doing some shopping at Harvest Market or other storefronts or boutiques nearby.

Own a building or business that would like a MidSouth Vehicle Charging Station? Contact us to learn about opportunities to have one installed.