Bill Pay Options

Pre-Paid Metering

You can activate and monitor your account all from our website.

This service allows you to:

Report an outage
Monitor your usage
Pay your bill
Update your account information
Request service
Sign up for alerts and reminders

As an added feature, you can add our App for Android and Apple users! The App provides you with some of the same capabilities as the online portal. Please search for MSEC through the Apple or Google Play stores. If you have any questions regarding access to the Member Portal, we are available to answer your questions. Please contact us at 936-825-5100.

*Pre-Paid Metering is for electric services only*

Pay by Phone

Payment over the phone can be made by check or credit card. It takes a few minutes and there is no charge or processing fee for paying your bill over the phone.

You will need:

Your member account number
Your credit card number, expiration date and the CCV code if paying by credit card

MidSouth Electric Co-op accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

If you are paying by check, please have your bank account number and bank routing number available.

At the end of your call, you will get a message confirming the amount you paid and the date your payment will be posted to your account.

Payment Kiosks

MidSouth Electric Co-op offers members the ability to pay by cash or check at multiple kiosk locations 24/7. Kiosks can be found at our three office locations as well as the following:

 Smiley’s Express- 21925 HWY 90 North, Bedias

Not only is the kiosk convenient, it is also user-friendly. Some of the features are presented in both English and Spanish. There is an option to print your receipt, and payments are immediately credited to the account. The kiosks may look like ATMs; however, they do not provide change or accept coins. Any payments made exceeding the member’s balance will be credited to the account.

Pay by Mail

You can pay your bill by mail. All you have to do is send in your bill stub and your check or money order in the payment envelope that you receive with your bill.

Your bill payment envelope should reach us on or before your due date to avoid a lesser of 5% or $10.00 late payment charge on your account.

Mail your bill payment checks or money orders to:

MidSouth Electric Co-op
P.O. Box 970
Navasota, Texas 77868

Online E-Pay

Online billing is easy to use, saves you time and effort, and gives you a convenient way to pay your bill online or make changes to your account.

If you wish to sign up for online bill pay, you need to create your profile using your member/account number. Once done, you will be able to manage your account online. There is no extra fee to pay your bill online and the payment will be posted to your account within a business day

Here is a look at everything you can do using online billing:

View your latest bill as well as your usage history, previous balances, and more.
Submit changes of address, telephone, social security number, or other personal information if it has changed.
Contact us with comments, problems, suggestions, and more; our easy-to-use form e-mails your questions to us.
Use your credit card to pay your bill. It is fast, efficient, and takes much less time than sending your payment through the mail.
Write an “Electronic Check” to pay your bill online. Just fill in the blanks using your printed checks as a guide. We do the rest!

Budget Billing

Budget Billing is a payment plan that lets you level your payments throughout the year so that you do not have to deal with the high’s and low’s in your bill amount that result from seasonal usage variations. You can enroll for Budget Billing if –

 You’ve been a member of MidSouth Electric Co-op for at least 12 months
 You have a good pay history with no late payments in the previous 12 months

How it Works
Based on your previous 12-month usage history, plus anticipated energy costs and other factors, we estimate your energy usage for the year ahead. We then divide the total by 12 to arrive at your monthly Budget Billing payment amount.

Payment Adjustment
Your Budget Billing payment amount is reviewed every October and could be adjusted up or down, depending on the cost of your actual usage.

To find out if you are eligible for budget billing, call us at 936-825-5100.

Automatic Payments

Auto Pay – Self Managed
Control your payments by setting up an automatic payment with a credit/debit card or checking account. Just login to the Member Portal and click the Payments tab to simplify your payments today. This service is offered at no additional charge to our members.  Call us @ 936-825-5100 or 888-525-6677 with questions.

Billing Cycles

MidSouth Electric Co-op operates with four billing cycles per month. This enables us to be flexible in meeting your budget needs. The following table helps you better understand the four billing cycles.

Match the due date on your current bill with the dates in the table to determine your current billing cycle. If you wish to change your billing cycle, click here.

Billing cycle changes will be made on the 1st of every month and hence will be effective on your next bill.


Operation Round-Up & Financial  Assistance

As a voluntary contributor to Operation Round Up, you choose to have your monthly electric bill rounded up to the next highest dollar amount. The difference between your actual bill and the next highest dollar is the amount of your donation.

For example:
If your monthly electric bill is: $83.55
Your bill will be round up to: $84
Your Operation Round Up donation: 45 cents

Your monthly contribution could be as little as a penny, but never more than ninety-nine cents. The average Operation Round Up contribution is just fifty cents per month or $6 per year — but that small amount makes a huge difference in the lives that it touches.

MidSouth Charitable Foundation makes donations to local organizations that assist the community through utility and other crisis assistance quarterly throughout the year utilizing funds collected through the Operation Round Up program. If you contribute to Operation Round Up, your donation appears on your electric bill. If you have opted out of Operation Round Up, you will not see this item on your bill.

If you or someone you know needs utility assistance, please reach out to or click here to receive a list of financial assistance organizations in your area.

Cycle 1

Due Between: 19th and 25th of the month Due on: 3rd Monday of the month

Cycle 2

Due Between: 26th and 2nd of the month Due on: 4th Monday of the month

Cycle 3

Due Between: 3rd and 10th of the month Due on: 1st Monday of the month

Cycle 4

Due Between: 11th and 18th of the month Due on: 2nd Monday of the month