February 3, 2017

Mid-South Synergy Solar Panels Vandalized

On Friday, January 27, 2017, the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office received a report that a number of solar panels located in our Bedias solar yard were damaged. Mid-South Synergy is still working with authorities during their investigation into who caused the damage. At this time, we know that a firearm caused the damage to the panels, however, the type of firearm is still unknown. We appreciate the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office for all of their help and support during this investigation.

If you have any tips or information regarding the damage to the Mid-South Synergy solar yard, you can report it anonymously to the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office or Investigator Kindale Pittman by calling 936-873-2151.

The damage has not interrupted service to the panels, however, we will begin repairs to/exchanging damaged panels as quickly as possible. When the solar yard was built, we acquired a stock of panel replacements anticipating storm related damage or emergency situations such as this. We want to assure Synergy Solar members that you WILL NOT see any interruption in service.

For more information on Synergy Solar, please visit www.synergysolar.coop.

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