December 27, 2019

Rebuilding Hope

A REHABILITATION AND LIFE RECOVERY CENTER DEDICATED TO helping men facing homelessness and addiction, House of Hope offers just that—hope. Emphasizing discipleship and community service, President Brad Brock has made it his mission for “every man to be a productive member of the church and their communities.” The most amazing part: The program is free to participants.

If you ask around the small town of Madisonville, folks will tell you that the group at House of Hope is always willing to lend a helping hand in the community. Whether ministering to others, painting houses or trimming trees for those in need, the residents of House of Hope take pride in their work and the program they are a part of.

“The men have a very busy schedule week to week,” Brock says. “During the 12-month program, a man will attend over 250 hours of Christian education classes and worship times along with receiving housing, food, recreation and liferecovery classes.”

A late Friday evening in November marked a new beginning for the men of House of Hope when an overnight fire consumed their former Marian Anderson High School facility in Madisonville. With the newly renovated chapel, kitchen, laundry room and most of the facility destroyed, the men will now move “up the hill” to a different facility for the time being. Thankful that the blaze caused no injuries and determined to press forward, the organization has resumed church services
and participant graduations.

MidSouth Electric Co-op wants to encourage our members to reach out and support House of Hope. Their mission is a positive one. Let’s continue to give back and show them the power of community. Find out more about House of Hope and how to support its GoFundMe campaign at The House of Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates through volunteer support and donations.

901 W. Trinity St.
Madisonville 77864


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