July 25, 2023

Understanding Your Electric Bill

Understanding Your Bill

Previous Reading, Present Reading, Usage

Meter readings are collected directly from your meter. MidSouth EC uses the latest technology to monitor all meters on our grid and transmit accurate kilowatt usage data.

Each month, your bill reports your meter reading from the previous month (PREVIOUS READING) and the reading taken for the current month’s charges (PRESENT READING). The previous reading is then subtracted from the present reading to calculate the number of kilowatt hours (Kwh) used in the most recent billing cycle (USAGE).

Current Electric Charges

Kilowatt hours used during the current billing cycle are then multiplied by a base rate to determine how much you owe for electric service (Electric). This rate is the same from month to month—only the amount of Kwh hours used will change.

The same number of Kwh is then multiplied by the Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment (WPCA) rate. This rate reflects the cost of fuels used to produce electricity at Texas power plants and can fluctuate monthly.

Operation Round Up is an optional donation given by co-op members to help support our local communities and other members in need. Examples of this would be college scholarships, financial assistance for the needy—often the elderly and homes with young children or foster children—and support of charitable causes throughout our communities. You will never be charged more than $0.99 per month for this line item.

What can I do to help lower my electricity bill?

MidSouth offers several rewards to its members, including rebates for home improvements to enhance energy efficiency. The rewards list can be located on our website at midsouthelectric.com/midsouthrewards. Members can also take advantage of an online or in-person home energy audit. For more information, please visit https://midsouthelectric.com/energy-audit/.

Changing your habits is the easiest way to lower your electric usage. Simple changes like raising your thermostat temperature setting, using fans to circulate air, closing blinds and unplugging electronics when not in use help conserve electricity. You may find other energy-saving tips and information on our website at midsouthelectric.com/residentialservices/energy-management.

What if I need financial assistance?

We encourage members needing financial assistance to visit our website at midsouthelectric.com/financial-assistance-partners for a list of local community-based organizations that help individuals facing financial difficulty with their electric bills.


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