January 2, 2020

Notice To Membership: As Published in the Jan. 2020 Issue of Texas Co-op Power Magazine

MIDSOUTH ELECTRIC CO-OP IS governed by an eight-member board of directors that serves as the governing body of our cooperative. MidSouth Electric Co-op directors are members of MidSouth EC who meet certain qualification criteria set out in the cooperative bylaws. Directors are elected on a staggered basis to serve four year terms. To be considered for nomination, interested persons must submit written notice of their intent to be considered as a candidate to the nominating committee with proof of meeting the qualification criteria.

The MidSouth EC nominating committee will meet on or about April 1 to consider eligible candidates interested in participating in this year’s election. Two director positions are up for election and will serve districts 5 and 6, respectively. Qualified candidates must reside in their respective districts.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure that paperwork is filed on time, prospective director candidates should contact the cooperative well in advance of April 1 to obtain an application and find out qualification criteria. For more information, call MidSouth EC’s main office at (936) 825-5100 and ask for the executive secretary or email nc@midsouthsynergy.com.

The official notice was published in the January 2020 issue of Texas Co-op power Magazine and mailed to the Membership.

*Map updated on 5/12/22

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